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The American Society of Appraisers

International Headquarters
P.O. Box 17265
Washington, DC 20041
Tel: 703-478-2228
Tel: 800-ASA-VALU
Fax: 703-742-8471

ASA is the nation's oldest multidisciplinary society that teaches, tests and accredits appraisers. International in structure, ASA is self-supporting, unaffiliated and independent. It was incorporated to establish an effective profession-wide affiliation working cooperatively for the elevation of standards of the appraisal profession. In response to a Congressional mandate, ASA is one of the major appraisal societies that helped establish uniform qualifications criteria for professional appraisers, to develop standards for appraisal work, and to provide other programs to serve the public. 

ASA's members are involved in appraisal review and management, business valuation, real or personal property valuations, valuation of machinery and equipment and other technical valuations. 

With over fifty-five years of experience, the American Society of Appraisers is the only major appraisal organization representing all of the disciplines of appraisal specialists including real property, personal property, business valuation, machinery and technical specialties, gems and jewelry and appraisal review and management. The Society exists to promote the exchange of ideas and experiences among its members; cultivate the profession of appraising; establish and maintain the Principles of Appraisal Practice and Code of Ethics for the guidance of its members; maintain universal recognition that members of the Society are objective, unbiased appraisers and consultants of property values; award a professional designation to qualified members of the Society; and seek to attain recognition of the profession by both Public and private enterprise. 

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Last modified: September 24, 2005